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haven't updated for ages....

Not that very many people (if anyone!) actually reads this but oh well!!!!!

anyways thought i would do a post about my fave songs at the moment... maybe will upload the songs later???

Lost Cause - Beck
"Theres too many people you used to know
They see you coming, they see you go.
They know your secrets, and you know theirs
This town is crazy, but nobody cares."
I just love this song..... yes it is a sad song but i like sad songs :)
Reminds me of the small-ish town where i grew up, and returned to last summer and the feelings i felt being back in a place that i still thought of as home - but the people remembered me as who I was a few years ago which is completly different from the person i am today.

The Walk - Imogen Heap
"I could keep your number for a rainy day.
That's where this ends.
No mistakes no misbehaving.
I was doing so well.
Could we just be friends?
I feel a weakness coming on.
It's not meant to be like this.
Not what I planned at all.
I don't want to feel like this."
I love this song! Not exactly sure about what it's actully suposed to be about but it seems to be a sort of break up type song...... i like the i could keep your number for a rainy day and the last three lines!! I think anyone whose ever not been happy with the ending of a relationship can relate to ut..... and it's like the whole wanting for more then friendship with someone who used to like you!

Seperate and Ever Deadly - The Last Shadow Puppets
"When we walked the streets together
All the faces seemed to smile back
And now the pavements have nothing to offer
And all the faces seem to need a slap."
I love this song as welll! Another 5 star on my iPod!!! Anyway...... I like how this song describes the feeling of going from the top of the world - high on life and love to the bottom and how when your happy and carefree you don't notice the people hiding behind their fake smiles on the street as you go by but when your sad you could be walking down the same street and see the problems and the sad side of the same people walking the other way!

ok that's all from me :)

another poem!

tell us what you think.... :)
ghostly fragments
cutting through the fragments
life was once simple
fragments of the jigsaw;
shattered now uncomplete

a point of no return
the darkest hour comes and passes
rusting with an endless catastrophe
as you take the fast lane

sometime in the night
car crash
screaming with empathy
clash clash no hope, once more

you are now a ghostly shadow
of who you could have been
old scars resurface dark secrets
reminiscent of your stormy past

just a poem i wrote...

farewell september
a red balloon
and a sky so grey
"just let go"
and so i am free
as all those words i never could say
drift wistfully away



I have had some of my most profound thoughts on the bus.
Preferably the morning bus with a window seat and the rain, but not so much rain that the world is just a blur outside of the window - just a bit of rain.
With a sad song playing in my headphones and slightly sleepy profound thoughts just seem to come to me.
Now this might have something to do with the fact that I am a bit bleary in the morning (Ok so that is an complete understatement!) or the fact that I often drive past a guy(who I have a bit of a let's just say... history with)'s school and often see him walking with his little brother, and I smile at him, but he can't see me - because he isn't looking in the windows of the buses although I am looking out of them, always hoping for just a simple glimpse of him.
Right now I sound like the typical overemotional and analytical twenty-first century generation Y teenager.
But back to what I was saying public transport does provoke some pretty interesting thoughts..... and whatever is happening in your life with friends, family, boys etc, the bus is still pretty much the same.
The same cute boys who you notice everyday get on - just the same, the bus driver nods at you as you tag of your bus pass - just the same, the bitchy girl in your year pretends not to notice that you exist - just the same, the old lady is reading the community newspaper - just the same, the nerdy guy in the year below you is still doing his homework as always........
What I am trying to say is that buses can be quite interesting places for looking at society.